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3 way kitchen tap Galore: Oh What a Luxury

Surely, there are great reasons why the 3 way kitchen tap is a favourite product amongst kitchen hardware producers. A lot of consumers are actually hooked on the relatively simple apparatus. It's so easy to operate and yet so versatile.

Who would you use such a marvelous invention?

You get a separate control for that filtered water convenience. This means that there's no need to buy filtered water from which a lot of companies are making a killing, these days. Just imagine all the plastic bottles that eventually find their way into landfills and even our oceans. They become tragic traps for marine life, too.

What is good about having filtered tap water?

You might say, the local water company ensures that your tap is as safe as possible, so why bother? Yet even assuming that is true, there could be trouble down the line as the water travels from your provider's demarcation point and into your home. Talk about old houses and rusty pipes and you get the total picture.

Worse, there could be residues trapped in the water that eventually find their way into your glass. Metal shavings and rust are just some examples of these minute particles that are sometimes too tiny for the average eye to detect.

So is filtered tap water healthier?

Definitely, for in addition to filtering out impurities from the local water supply, the process can also transform the end product into the mineral variety. There's a big reason why this fresh liquid drink is often touted as living water. For comparatively, a process known as reverse osmosis tends to kill an otherwise healthy liquid source.

So pay careful attention to the kind of filter you buy to feed into your tri-flow tap system. Not all filtering devices are created equal. To illustrate further, many people don't even understand the value of the so-called alkaline water.

Alkalising water means taking out any acidity from the liquid, giving it a pH of between 7 to 10. Regular bottled water has a pH of 4. This means that it turns into acid the moment it gets inside your tummy. And to think that you paid for that bottled liquid!

Why do you need a three-way kitchen faucet?

This technology allows you to tap into alkalising filters. If you do this, you don't need to take Gaviscon or Tums when you have a heartburn or excessive stomach acidity. Alkaline water is one of the most expensive waters that exist in the market, so why not make it at home?

When would you use a 3 in 1 faucet?

The answers are as clear as liquid itself. Aside from the convenience of having cold, hot, and filtered water at your fingertips, there's also the health and safety factors. The miracle faucet is as easy as 1-2-3.

There's a separate control for hot and cold tap complete with an adjustable dial notch that lets you control the flow with precision. Even better, there's a separate push button and spout for the filtered liquid. When you put your mind to it, you'll never need to buy bottled water again which makes you and your family a hero for helping save the environment.